Audits & Assurance Services

Audits & Assurance Services

Audits & Assurance Services

The firm follows the most advanced techniques in auditing as a result of acquiring intimate knowledge of the client’s financial and administrative problems. We often recommend improvements for more efficient operation, stronger financial structure and improved system of accounting and administrative controls.

Our philosophy and practice is to blend the technical, the practical and the business approach in each audit engagement. The firm has developed special expertise in auditing on computer based systems and has carried out assignments for bank for such special auditing. The firm undertakes management audits with remedial approach to corporate problems.

Services Offered

Tax Audits under Income Tax act

Auditing the financial statements of an eligible entity in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and providing disclosures through specified formats.

Statutory Audit under Companies Act

Expressing an opinion on the true and fairness of financial statements of the company as required under the statute, accounting standards and guidelines issued by the regulator.

Internal Audits

Evaluating company's internal controls, corporate governance and accounting processes to improve overall efficiency.

Concurrent Audits

Concurrent Audit is a systematic and timely examination of financial transactions on a regular basis to ensure accuracy, authenticity, compliance with procedures and guidelines. The emphasis under concurrent audit is not on test checking but on substantial checking of transactions.

Bank Audits

A Bank Audit is a routine procedure designed to review the services of financial institutions to ensure they are in compliance with laws and industry standards.

Government Audits

Government Audit is divided into several branches like Defense, Railways, Posts and Telegraphs audit. It works only for government offices and departments.