FDI Investment Advice / Consulting

FDI Investment Advice

FDI Investment Advice / Consulting

Mature and expert FDI Consultancy / Consulting is one of the most significant areas of our legal advisory services. In addition to offering responsibly refined FDI consulting services for FDI in India and abroad, our reputed full-fledged law firm also extends the full gamut of legal services for doing business in any desired economic sectors of India.

So far, numerous industrialists, investors, entrepreneurs, and business corporations belonging to many countries worldwide have availed the lavish benefits of our FDI consultancy services and legal services for making FDI in India or countries abroad. This webpage offers rich, exclusive, and very fertile information regarding our consultancy / consulting services available to foreign people and entities, for the purpose of establishing businesses in various economic sectors of India, both through the Automatic and Governmental routes.

Categories of FDI Consulting

Our FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) consultancy services which are immensely useful for setting up business in any economic sector of India, fall under the following broad categories:

  • Advisory services for business expansion to India
  • Counsel about paving the way for smooth FDI in India (FDI Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations in India)
  • Well-rounded support for creating any preferred business, professional, manufacturing, or service entity in any economic sector, in forms of joint ventures, wholly-owned subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions, branch offices, etc.
  • Guidance and legal services for establishing business in India by any of the mentioned entity set up under FDI project in India
  • Advisory about all regulatory registrations, affiliations, and compliances with State and Central bodies of India

Today, FDI in India is commonly considered to be very lucrative and completely secure, and therefore, India has become one of the most popular and preferred investment destinations in the whole world. The most impressive features of India favoring FDI in India are the following --- it is a vast and varied market with over 1.25 billion population (comprising about 17.5% of the world population); its steady economic growth with an average annual growth rate of about 8%; liberal and generous Governmental policies for attracting FDI in India; its well-developed marine trades; its large qualified and skilled workforce available economically; and its two globally prominent stock exchanges. Lastly, the most thriving and enticing economic sectors of India to foreign people and companies at present are information technology and ITES, education, leisure and hospitality, telecommunications, real estate, retail, infrastructure, power and energy, business outsourcing, insurance, mining and minerals, manufacturing, and various consumer goods and products.