Trusts and Societies Registration

Trusts and Societies

Trusts and Societies

Charity begins at home and has countless ripples that affect the societies and communities at large. Whether it is a trust managed by a few people or a large section of the society, our services provide the best financial advice and services. Trust and societies form a pivotal pillar of the economic structure of the country, hence it is our duty to ensure that your organization stands on a strong and sustainable economic pillar.

We are specialised in Trust and Societies Registration under the respective Act, and the Registration under section 12-A and 80-G of the Income Tax Act and the audit as per the respective Act.

Services we provide for Trusts and Societies Registration

  • Registration of Trust
  • Registration of Co-operative Societies
  • Registration of Company under Section - 25 of Companies Act, 1956
  • Registration of NGO under Income Tax for Tax exemption u/s 12-A
  • Registration of NGO under Income Tax for u/s 80-G
  • Society / Trust / NGO Registration
  • Society Registration in Bangalore
  • Sample Memorandum And Rules & Regulations Of Society
  • Sample Trust Deed
  • Registration u/s 12-A, 10(23-C) & 80-G
  • Form 10-A for Registration u/s 12-A
  • Form 10-G for Registration u/s 80-G
  • Registration Under FCRA-Form FC-8
  • Registration of CO-OP Societies
  • Know about Society / Trust / NGO

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are required to Start a Trust?

At least Two Trustees are required to register a Public Charitable Trust. However, a minimum of Seven Members are required for formation of a society.

Is there any Annual Filing to be done?

There is no requirement for Annual Filing in case of Trusts. However, Societies must file Annual Returns with the Registrar of Societies.

Can Trusts and Societies get Income Tax Exemption?

Yes, both Trusts and Societies are eligible for Tax Exemption provided the exemption criteria of the Income Tax Act are complied with.